Church of Our Savior

We Are…

…a growing fellowship of Christians under the authority of Scripture, led by the Holy Spirit, caring for our community by the grace of God.

…abiding by the great commission to “seek and serve Christ in all persons” by reaching outside our walls in many ways.

bridge campaign

“Becoming a member of Church of Our Savior has been one of the great joys of my life…I look forward to a new year filled with worship, praise, and love.”

– A 2021 New Member


Video of Vision for the Next Generation

OBTTF Building Addition Flythrough

The Great Commission

“…go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”    Matthew 28:18-20 (NIV)

Our Mission

Worship God  ♦  Love One Another  ♦  Share Christ In The World


The Anglican Church of North America states “we currently do not have a sufficient amount of young, talented leaders to replace existing clergy or to start new ministries.”

We ask ourselves, “If we don’t focus on the Next Generation now, what will we as a church and a Christian community look like in 20 years?”


In modern America we are losing our kids and grandkids to the secular world with all its temptations.

Our Diocese reports from a recent Gen-Z survey:

      • 4% have a biblical worldview

      • 60% don’t feel part of their home church

      • Less than 50% feel loved


The common thread at our COOS 2019 Vision Workshop was “to become a church making disciples of all generations.”

The COOS average age is 64 years, very few kids and grandkids attend with their families; we are not “sticky” to visiting families.

There is tremendous population growth around the Beaches, including 427 apartments coming next door (Adventure Landing property). 

…We Are Losing The Next Generation

We Must

Reach Young Families

Grow Leaders

Strengthen Membership & Ministry



“Building A Living Legacy

What We Will Gain

Robust Kids & Youth Programs

  • A modern nursery with a sleeping space for infants and a separate safe, attractive play space for toddlers.
  • A large K-5th ministry space with an area for age-specific breakout activities, located where high-energy antics will not disturb worship or programs.
  • A dedicated “cool” Youth Room with space for lounging, spending time
    together, watching TV and playing video games, and a kitchenette for snacking.

Effective Discipleship & Outreach Ministries

New Fellowship Hall and Large Meeting Space

  • A classroom and conference style meeting spaces for expanded ministry programs, with appropriate seating and audio-visual equipment to enable remote presenters and attendees.
  • A large Fellowship Hall space for bigger meetings and classes, with an adjoining kitchen to
    facilitate refreshments.
  • Now meeting spaces will facilitate larger programs, such as Vacation Bible School, Trail Life, and American Heritage Girls – we look forward to the lights being ON every night of the week.

Effective Discipleship & Outreach Ministries

Welcoming Fellowship Events

  • A large indoor, ground-level Fellowship Hall will improve the quality of our fellowship events by making them accessible to everyone and not weather-dependent.
  • Expanded storage space will hold all of the supporting chairs, tables, and
    equipment required to accommodate large sit-down events.
  • We will be able to have “something for all ages,” with multiple generations worshiping and growing together in Christ while celebrating all phases of life.
Covered Walkway Into New Narthex

Covered Walkway Into New Narthex

Dedicated Ministry Leadership

New Office Reception Area

  • Increased office, desk, and work space will allow the growth of staff and volunteers
    to support the worship and ministry programs needed, both now and in our future larger sanctuary.
  • A new, young Pastor for Family Ministry will give the appropriate level of energy and oversight to our ministry programs focused on attracting and raising up the “Next Generation” of Anglican leaders.

Dedicated Ministry Leadership

Expanded Worship Accomodations

  • As we attract new young families to join and share life with us, we must have “a parking space and a seat” for our guests and new members.
  • A 50% larger sanctuary will serve the increased membership needed for our future sanctuary, with “surge” capability weddings, funerals, Christmas, and Easter.
  • A 50% increase in parking on the new property will be a short walk across an attractive pedestrian bridge, within easy reach of our expanded building.
Covered Walkway Into New Narthex

New 50% Bigger Sanctuary w/Music Space

What We Will Look Like…

Floor Plans

How We Will Benefit…

What are the immediate advantages of this building expansion?

Worship, study and participation in fellowship activities in a more spacious, accessible setting.

New covered walkway and narthex for easier access to the sanctuary and ministry spaces.

Expanded parking on the new property, with convenient access via a new bridge.

New elevator providing convenient, safe reliable movement between floors.

Sanctuary can expand into Fellowship Hall for Weddings, Funerals, Christmas & Easter.

Fellowship opportunities will no longer be limited by weather considerations.

Dedicated space for a branded, self-contained children’s area and a stand-alone youth area.

Dedicated classroom and conference rooms for expanded of training and classes.

Fellowship opportunities will no longer be limited by weather considerations.

Expanded meeting space enabling the congregation the capability, to meet as one body.

Expecting a surge of visiting worshipers, resulting in 15% growth of members.

Our Bridge To The Future Capital Campaign

Construction Project

Building Expansion

Interior Remodeling

Parking Lot Improvement

Bridge Construction

Financial Requirement


$175k Design/Admin/Permits

$2.5M Construction

$250k Contingency (10%)

Campaign Goals

Share Ministry & Building Vision

Raise $1.95M (3x Projected 2022 Income)

36-month Duration (through Jan’25)

100% COOS Participation

Construction Timeline

May 2022 Break Ground

7-9 Months Construction Term

Q1 2023 Project Completion

April 2023 COOS 10-year Anniversary

362-seat Sanctuary Future Concept

Download a copy of our Bridge campaign brochure

Bridge brochure