Holy week


Palms were waved at both services as a total of 143 people, made their way into the sanctuary.  The congregation along with selected readers participated in a dramatic reading of “The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ.”

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Maundy Thursday was observed by 75 people who shared a Christian Seder Meal.  Pastor David led the Passover service reminding us of God’s faithfulness to deliver his people.

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Pastors Chuck, Bruce, and Jim shared the Last Words of Jesus from the Cross for the Good Friday service.  The congregation left in silence and in the hopeful assurance that Sunday was coming.

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Easter Sunday was a bright and beautiful morning of celebration.  With two services held, a total of 209 people shouted Alleluia in the sanctuary. The congregation worshiped along with a harp and a quartet of stringed instruments.  The patio was full of people, yummy snacks, and festive decorations.  Kids scattered with joy as they collected Easter Eggs!  This was truly a spectacular Sunday!

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Watched from home. Really enjoyed the message today.
~ Member from our FB Page

Wonderful sermon!
COOS Member

We feel so welcome here. This is our new church. So blessed!

~ COOS Member

A beautiful church with a welcoming congregation. Such a blessing to be able to worship with having order of service and the Holy Spirit in the midst of all our amazing services. So blessed to have a young and exciting Priest who is humble and committed to sharing the true gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Come and see how you can find peace
through these troubled times.
~ COOS Member