Building the Walls

April – Mid May 2024: April started with a bang! Demolition and metal framing quickly transformed the existing space into new areas for ministry and fellowship. A drain was dug for the new restroom (located in the old stairwell), the janitor closet was expanded into the former lift space and electrical was updated. In the new space, mason walls and tie beams were raised to full height, steel stairs were installed, and metal framing downstairs gave shape to the entry, sanctuary, and much needed worship storage areas. After waterproofing and few more loads of cement, a crane raised trusses from the grass field into place. What a sight of organized workmanship – with a crew on the field and on the walls, trusses were flying and finished in a half day. Window glass was confirmed, the opportunity to include stained glass in the sanctuary is being explored and the cross from the former cupola is getting a re-do to fit the pitch on the new roof.


So please mark your calendars and plan to come celebrate with COOS, we’ll have great food, welcoming fellowship, live music, and fun kid’s games and activities.

All are welcome so bring the kids!

Grand Opening Block Party