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Learn a radical view of biblical wealth and generosity.

Through video teaching, discussions and interactive activities, you’ll learn a biblical framework for living intentionally now so later you’ll be able to leave a legacy that will secure your family’s future and make a lasting impact on the world around you.
In this 9-week course you will:

  • TAKE control of your money
  • ATTACK debt with a vengeance and pay it off fast
  • SAVE for emergencies
  • CHOOSE the right insurance plans
  • INVEST wisely and build wealth
  • GIVE generously (the best part)

What an amazing process

To go through as a couple, we did this as a class with other people which was so neat because other people had ideas that were great!

Our financial futures do not magically take care if themselves

A successful future must be EARNED and this course MOTIVATES us to do the work!

Very helpful advise from a Christian perspective

to getting my personal financial house in order.

Good stuff

especially on the topic of paying off debt. I would recommend it to anyone, especially those with credit card debt.

This class provides a really good game plan

on how to get your finances under control.

Come Hungry! Lunch Starts at 12:15pm

Upstairs at Church of Our Savior

Weekly Topics

Enjoyed discovering why I am the way I am with money.

This helped me understand that although I cannot change my past, I have a direct impact on my future with money.

Thank you for getting to the root

of many of the differences, my husband and I have had over the years and giving us a path for increased understanding and communication.

Excellent info.

Helped explain many behavioral aspects with regard to managing personal finances.

Loved the insight into me, my mom and dad and my husband and his parents!!

It makes so much sense to me why we do what we do in regards to money and finances!!

Very informative.

I learned a lot about myself and why I spend like I do!

Come Hungry! Lunch Starts at 12:15pm

Upstairs at Church of Our Savior

Weekly Topics

February 5, 2023

Baby Step 1



February 12, 2023

baby step 2

Pay off All Debt
(Except the House)
Using the Debt Snowball


February 19, 2023

Baby step 3

Save 3–6 Months of Expenses in a Fully Funded Emergency Fund


February 26, 2023

baby step 4

Invest 15% Of Your Household Income in Retirement

March 5, 2023

baby step 5

Save for Your Children’s College Fund

march 12, 2023

Baby Step 6

Pay Off Your Home Early


March 19, 2023

baby step 7

Build Wealth and Give


March 26, 2023

Baby step 8

Buying and Selling Your Home


April 2, 2023

baby step 9

Outrageous Generosity