Living Legacy Giving Frequently Asked Questions

Who decides how my gift will be used?

Our Senior Pastor and Vestry would make the decision on how your legacy gift would be used. This group is able to ensure that your gift would most effectively support the work of our church at the time received.

What if I want to have my gift designated for a specific purpose?
Gifts can be designated for a specific purpose, including a ministry, retirement of our mortgage debt or planned campus expansion. A letter stating your desires can be given to our Treasurer or our Business Manager. The letter should be dated and signed and can also be notarized by our office. This letter is only intended to direct how your funds would be used. It does not serve as a legal document to direct funds to be given to the church. Such documentation would need to be made through your will, trust or financial institution.

Would the diocese have control of funds donated through a legacy gift?
Any gift made to Church of Our Savior would be in the control of our local church. All of our property is owned by our local church, so gifts made to pay down the mortgage and other campus improvements benefit the local church and our mission.

I do not want to spend a lot of money updating my will. What other options do I have?
There are other options available to make a legacy gift in addition to changing your will. You may want to contact your legal advisor depending on the complexity of your estate. An amendment to your will (codicil) or naming the church as a beneficiary on an account are simpler options.

I will not have a large estate. Should I still consider a legacy gift?
All gifts are appreciated and helpful to the church and advancing the Kingdom. Any gift amount can go a long way in making a difference for a ministry and the work of our church.

How will my family feel?
It is important that everyone has an estate plan to ensure that what you have worked for during your lifetime is given to support the people and programs that mean the most to you. Talking with your family about making a legacy gift would help them understand your wishes and provide the opportunity to share your values and desires for the future.

Is this a complicated process?
There are some very simple ways to make a legacy gift, including naming the church as a beneficiary on an account. However, depending on your personal situation, legal counsel may be helpful to ensure your gift is structured in a way that is best for your personal situation.

What if I change my mind?
You always have the flexibility to change your decision regarding a legacy gift and even how you would like it to be used. Contact our Treasurer or our Business Manager, if you would like to change how your gift is to be used. You can contact your financial institution or legal counsel depending on how your gift has been established.

Does the church need to know ahead of time about my legacy gift?
The church does not need to know ahead of time about your gift unless you want it directed to a particular ministry or area of the church. However, it is helpful to let the church know so that they can follow up if needed in the future.

How should any gift to the church be titled?
All gifts should be directed to “Church of Our Savior Anglican, Inc.”, which is the legal name of our church.