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Preacher: Pastor Bruce Ford

Scripture: Acts 20:1-16


We just heard about a miracle that actually two of them that Jesus performed on the way to the ruler’s house and you might be witnessing another one uh like I said David called me last night and uh let’s see what I say to hear I have prepared absolutely nothing

we have this story Jesus healing it’s not an uncommon thing for Jesus to heal and to perform miracles

and you might say um you might be witnessing a miracle here too

I was uh trained as an accountant uh not a bad accountant I worked for the city for 25 years and I had a good career

but I get these little thing Bruce I want you to do this yeah Bruce I want you to do this first thing you asked me to do was become a hospital chaplain a what [Laughter] walk around the hospital well that’s kind of my background dad was a doctor and he uh you know I walked around hospitals from an early age kind of following him sometimes so uh we had uh the first chaplain over at our house Nancy and I uh had her over and she was Priscilla hoek and we told her our story and she said Bruce come with me and let’s start a chaplaincy program it was at St Luke’s hospital now at St Vincent’s South so Priscilla and I started the chaplaincy program at St Luke’s Hospital and that hospital was sold to Mayo Clinic so we transferred over to the Mayo Clinic and we were the chaplaincy department for for them Mayo Clinic Jacksonville for a couple of years until we hired a Catholic preached priest who came to help us with a Catholic population

is that a miracle or not

make make an accountant into a hospital chaplain and later on Bruce I want you to do something Bruce I watch it and do something yeah come on come on I’m doing enough I want you to become a priest a what [Laughter] now I have to say also that one of my grandfathers was a minister in the Disciples of Christ Church and my father-in-law Nancy’s dad was an Episcopal priest for many many years here in the Diocese of Florida so that was not uh Uncharted totally Uncharted Territory so standing before you is really a miracle

now I’m going to tell you a story of another miracle

I spent a good amount of time in my Ministry up in the Intensive Care Unit at uh well St Vincent’s South and then over at the Mayo Clinic I figured that was an area of greatest need

I would go around and visit patients in some some were conscious and some were not but I would still pray with them and there was a case there where this woman was in the hospital in intensive care and the doctors pretty much well they did tell the family there’s nothing else we can do let’s just see what happens

and from that moment I was there and from that moment on I would go in Daily and Pray by this woman and touch her sometimes anoint her with oil

day by day by day for weeks she’s was on the vent she was still able to breathe some

and then she started to improve I would still go in day after day after day and pray with her and finally she was able to speak and we talked to each other for a little while I didn’t want to take too much of her time because she obviously was healing and

having a difficult time still but every day I would go in and talk to this woman and pray with her

and you know where this is leading one day that woman was well enough to get out of bed get in a wheelchair and go home


her faith made her well

by faith helped her get well someone say the doctor is medicine also made her get well and I’m not going to Discount that one bit since my dad was a doctor I’m not gonna kind of tread on his territory but there it is if you don’t think Miracles can happen there’s a miracle

it’s amazing What Faith Can Do

it’s amazing to hear God’s call each one of us to do things oh gosh I can’t do that ah faith with faith you can do anything even watch Sig people where the doctors go I don’t know what else to do rise and go home


now that is a classic Brooks Ford sermon

I learned a long time ago that you know you have a three-part sermon I said most people don’t remember all three parts they’ll forget one of them and then by Tuesday they’ll forget another one but they’ll remember one that was my One Faith you could do anything amen




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