We have received the “90% Construction Documents” from our architect (ENB Architects), and they are really coming along great!  We have provided another round of space utilization and design feedback, but a lot of it is coming down to relatively “minor” tweaks like door swings, number & placement of outlets, etc. 

Building Cost
With the “90% Plans” in hand, our builder (Tim Young Construction) has researched and given us an update on cost estimates and they have actually come down very slightly from the initial estimates that we had at the start of our Building Expansion Capital Campaign.  While this almost never happens…this means we are a GO for the building!  There are several “value engineering” options that we are still considering, that should allow us to further reduce costs where they make sense.  We are pulling heavily from our good and bad “Lessons Learned” experiences with our current building as we evaluate these cost-reduction options for the new building addition. 

Long Lead-time Items
Since we are moving forward with the Building Expansion Building Project, we needed to set in motion several items with the longest lead-times.  The longest of these are some of the electrical system components which have up to a 6-8 month delivery time!  Because the lead time on these components is the “longest pole in the tent,” we have already placed an order for them.  Other long lead-time items are the required building permits and our financing arrangements, and both of those are also already in work. 

COOS Building Expansion Capital Campaign Building Project Update 

This Building Expansion Building Update covers the latest events and happenings as we move forward with the construction of our new building expansion, “Build a Living Legacy,” for our future!

Capital Campaign Update
Pledges Received: 62
Pledges Total: $1,508,742
Amount Received: $1,069,334

June 3rd Groundbreaking Event

To celebrate the kickoff of this long-awaited construction project, we will hold a Groundbreaking Ceremony on Saturday June 3rd. This will be an integral part of a bigger combined event that will commemorate and celebrate many different milestones at once:

• New Building Groundbreaking – at long last!

• COOS 10-year Anniversary & Homecoming – 10 years ago in 2013 Church of Our Savior was formed through Resurrection Anglican Church and Calvary Anglican Church bonding together!

• Annual Summer Celebration – the Fellowship Event we hold the first weekend of June each year!

• Bishop Visitation – Bishop Alex Farmer and his wife Jody will make their first Bishop Visitation to Church of Our Savior, so we are looking forward to getting to know them and giving them a warm COOS welcome!


So please mark your calendars and plan to come celebrate with COOS, we’ll have great food, welcoming fellowship, live music, and fun kid’s games and activities.

All are welcome so bring the kids!

Grand Opening Block Party